There are times in everyone’s life when we need to take a step back and reset, to learn new ways of coping with the challenges we face. We are all capable of finding our own unique ways to live a fulfilled life. However, it can be of great help to take this journey in a safe, judgement-free space. My function as therapist is to provide this space.

I offer a free initial appointment to give you the opportunity to properly assess if my approach is the best choice for you.

Here are some areas that I have successfully supported clients with:

Relationship Issues:

In order to maintain healthy and successful relationships, it is necessary to know ourselves. Exploring, navigating and adjusting your own internal patterns can help you to connect more deeply with loved ones.

Identity Issues, Self-Esteem:

Sometimes we are unsure of our own self, of our core values. You may feel like you are standing on unstable ground. In these times, psychotherapy can help to develop your own self and to step into yourself. I am here to walk next to you on the path of exploring yourself.

Spirituality, Existential Issues and Search for Meaning, Personal Development:

What is the meaning of this life for you? I am here to assist you in exploring your own definition and meaning

Chronic / Terminal Illness:

Life changing illness can be difficult to come to terms with. During this process, renegotiating a new definition of wellbeing and happiness is essential. I am here to help you through this time and help you realise how wellbeing is an internal experience, independent from outside circumstances.

Anxiety and Depression:

Both conditions are experienced by many people in our hectic and fast-paced modern lives. Let me help you find ways of coping more effectively, by finding strategies that work for you.

Suicidal Thoughts:

When difficult times leave you feeling completely overwhelmed and distressed to the point that you consider ending your life, please let me help you to redirect yourself from this path and find a new direction that has meaning for you. Life is here to be lived.


While self-harm can briefly calm a person who is in severe distress, it is a self-destructive and non- sustainable strategy that can have severe long-term consequences. I can help you to find and learn better, more effective coping mechanisms.

Trauma and Post-traumatic stress:

Trauma has many faces, sometimes we are left with the aftermath of difficult experiences, such as a situation where we felt in danger without being able to protect ourselves. The long-term effects can be wide-ranging. If you have experienced something that affects you in this way, please come into the practice, together we can find effective ways of supporting you in your healing process.

Online Counselling

In recent times many professions have embraced online contact to adhere to the health and safety measures needed. So did I in my practice. Although there are obvious differences, online counselling and psychotherapy proves very effective and proves comparable with face to face counselling in its results despite its different framework.

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